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5 November 2023 - 21 January 2024
Helmut Feldmann: Landschaft II (Ausschnitt)

The seemingly endless expanse of the North German landscape in all its melancholy and barrenness, reduced to sky and earth, clouds and moor (marshland), colours and moods, forms a central theme in Helmut Feldmann’s work.

Coming from printmaking, he uses copperplate ink for his paintings, from which he derives an impressive nuance and spatial depth in this new form of use. Etchings by Fritz Overbeck and oil paintings by Fritz Overbeck and Hermine Overbeck-Rohte from Worpswede complete the exhibition.

Helmut Feldmann, born in 1964 in East Frisia, studied graphics and painting in Groningen. He lives and works in Oldenburg.

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