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Current Exhibition

28 April - 4 August 2024
Niklas Goldbach: The Nature Of Things No.3, Video Installation

Exhibition Opening

Opening of the exhibition “Nature, the Crime Scene”
Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 11:30
Speakers: Raimar Stange, curator, and Dr. Katja Pourshirazi, director of the Overbeck-Museum.

Guided Tours

Sunday, 2 June
Sunday, 16 June
Sunday, 7 July
at 11.30 a.m.


Talk with the artist Jost Wischnewski
Sunday, 5 May at 11.30 a.m.

Nature, the Crime Scene

Seven artists focus on the way humanity treats nature and landscape. Thus constrained between exploitation and renaturation, landscape turns out to be as fragile as resistant in the artworks of Niklas Goldbach, Dan Perjovschi, Stefanie von Schoeter, Silke Wagner and Jost Wischnewski as well as Fritz and Hermine Overbeck.

Using the northern German lowlands as example, five contemporary artists depict the utilization and renaturation of the moors or juxtapose painted birch trees with sculptures made of plastic litter from our throw away society. The artists couple Fritz and Hermine Overbeck on the other hand represents the 1900 turn of the century perspective on nature.

The utilization of nature discussed in “Nature, the Crime Scene” stands in the context of exploitation of natural resources which have long been identified as a cause for climate change. This accounts for the explosiveness of the exhibition’s issue. Friedrich Engels warned even in the 19th century: “Let us not flatter ourselves with our victories over nature. For each such victory it will get back at us.”

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