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Current Exhibition

30 July – 22 October 2023
Thilini Zach: Illusion und Wirklichkeit (Ausschnitt)

Exhibition Opening

Opening of the exhibition “Silent Landscapes”

Sunday, 30 July 2023
at 11:30

Speaker: Dr. Katja Pourshirazi, director of the Overbeck Museum.
The artist is present.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Sunday, 17 September
Sunday, 08 October
Sunday, 22 October
each at 11.30 am

Talk with the artist
Sunday, 27 August at 11.30 am

Poetry Tour
Meditative immersion in paintings and poetry with director Katja Pourshirazi
Sunday, 24 September at 11.30 am


Quiet Landscapes

Landscapes like memories of a dream or like dreams of a memory – the paintings by Thilini Zach walk a thin line between the portrayal of nature and abstraction.

Painted completely from fantasy, the works do not depict real places yet bear witness to a precise and highly sensible perception of nature.

Elemental forces like air, water, earth and light take up a large space in the works by Thilini Zach and take the observer to a strange yet strangely familiar world in which a quiet, intimate encounter with nature is possible.

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