Admission free for children and young people up to the age of 18

Is it boring in the museum? No way!

Whether you come with your parents or grandparents, with your friends or with your school class – at the Overbeck-Museum you can do more than just look at pictures. Painting and drawing, puzzling and playing, laughing and telling stories are expressly permitted.

Just drop by!

Going on a discovery tour

For each exhibition you can get a children’s guide at the ticket desk, suitable for children between 8 and 13 years of age. It’s for free and guides you through the museum with pictures and explanations, riddles and games.

This way you can go on a discovery tour in the Overbeck-Museum and explore the art works on your own.

Celebrate your birthday at the Overbeck-Museum

How about celebrating your birthday at the Overbeck-Museum? Together with your guests, you go on a colourful expedition through the museum.

You can laugh, play, talk and ask questions, but above all you can make artwork yourself: the Overbeck-Museum will become an artist’s studio for your birthday party, where you can paint, draw and make things. Of course, you can take your works of art home afterwards.

Cost per birthday party:
(2.5 hours, up to 10 children): 100 euros, incl. admission, supervision and material costs.

Schools & KinderGartens

School classes are always welcome at the Overbeck-Museum!
We offer guided tours of every exhibition for school classes of all ages as well as for kindergarten groups.

  • What exactly does a museum do?
  • Who were Fritz and Hermine Overbeck?
  • What do the works of art tell us?

These and many other questions are explored together.

If desired, individual thematic focuses can be set that tie with school lessons, e.g. perspective or the representation of light and shadow. Guided contemplation of images, perception exercises and practical work are the main focus: the pupils are allowed to paint and draw directly in front of the originals or in the children’s art room.

Admission for all school classes and accompanying teachers is free.

This offer is made possible by the Heinz & Ilse Bühnen Foundation.

All school class visits can be individually planned and coordinated – if necessary also outside the regular opening hours (mornings before 11 am).

For arrangements, please call us at:

Phone 0421 / 663 665

or write an email to:

Our prepared theme packages offer individual teaching units oriented to the curriculum. Manageable in length and illustrated with pictures by Fritz and Hermine Overbeck, the topic packages contain tasks for pupils as well as the necessary background knowledge for teachers.

All theme packs are available for download free of charge.

We would be happy to develop further theme packages on request!

Theme packs for primary schools to download:




Theme packs for secondary schools to download:


Projects for children and youths

Click here for the projects


The Bremen School Campaign

The Overbeck-Museum is part of the “bremer schuloffensive” (Bremen school campaign). A school class and a museum form a tandem for a school year to offer children fun in art as well as new perspectives and insights into the work of a museum. The close, continuous cooperation leads to particularly intensive art experiences.

On 8-10 days per school year, the class spends two hours in the museum: guided by a museum educator according to their age, the children get to know the museum and its changing exhibitions, practise perception and image observation, listen to stories about Fritz and Hermine Overbeck and, of course, pick up a pencil or paint brush themselves every time.

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All dates are coordinated individually. Participation is free of charge for schools. Teachers can apply with their class for the coming school year at:

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