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Night after Night – Silke Silkeborg

9 February — 19 August 2020
Silke Silkeborg | Dauerlicht Nr. 1 | 2014 | Öl auf Leinwand
Nacht um Nacht – Silke Silkeborg

We want you to enjoy seeing this exhibition despite Corona! Therefore, we have extended it until further notice. As soon as we are allowed to reopen, we invite you to enjoy the night painting of Silke Silkeborg in peace and with enough distance to other people. We look forward to seeing you!

Silke Silkeborg is an outdoor painter, whose work focuses on painting landscapes outside at night. A technically complex and physically strenuous undertaking. But only this way can she capture all nuances of darkness and light with her paintbrush and canvas.

Her works reveal an intense exploration of the meaning of night and a courageous commitment to that which may be guided solely by intuition.

Far away from the cities, alone under the night sky, but also at motorway stations or near suburban train tracks, Silkeborg documents the depth and intricacy of the night, a many-faceted darkness that is usually hidden from our glare-blinded gazes.

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